WIPA reacts to Kenny’s Authoritarian Lockdown

WIPA reacts to Kenny’s Authoritarian Lockdown

December 9, 2020

Following a full Board of Directors meeting of the Wildrose Independence Party last night on the announced Alberta lockdown, Leader Paul Hinman stated, “Yesterday’s announcement by Jason Kenney’s government is reprehensible. Albertans have Constitutionally protected rights, and Kenney has trampled them in a way that is completely unacceptable! Rights cannot be discarded due to the incompetence of the government.”

Hinman went on to explain that with many billions of dollars spent and months to prepare the government has failed Albertans, who will now have their fundamental freedoms sacrificed to cover for Kenney’s mismanagement. “Premier Kenney acknowledged that he is causing massive harm that will be long lasting, and yet he’s run out of ideas and is completely throwing in the towel to the fear mongering of the lockdown-enthusiast NDP. If Albertans had wanted clueless NDP policies that will strip our freedoms and kill our economy, they would have voted for it.”

Hinman concluded, “there is all kinds of evidence, from increased suicides, ballooning drug overdoses, cancelled and delayed essential surgeries and vast economic ruin that the harm generated by such lockdown policies are more deadly than Covid-19. Now we face an unbelievable array of authoritarian laws and regulations that will add to the damage and be held over the heads of every Albertan for the foreseeable future. This is utterly shameful!”

Nadine Wellwood interviews Paul Hinman

Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta | Paul Hinman | Nadine 1on 1

Join Nadine Wellwood for a great discussion with Paul Hinman Interim Leader of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.
We discuss the parties four principles:
Alberta Will Be Strong and Free (“Fortis et Liber”), and Sovereign
Alberta Will Gather Unto Itself All Power To Uphold Independence
Alberta Will Create “The Constitution of Alberta”
Alberta Will Hold A Referendum on Independence

Find out more about the party: https://wildrose.party